How To Rewrite Plr Articles Quickly

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How to Rewrite PLR Articles Quickly

and Still Keep Their Quality   by Janelle Rowe

PLR or Private Labels Rights articles are a good way to get quality information to use for your website or newsletter content. You can get articles that someone already researched and use them as-is or re-write them quickly. It is considered food for most search engine robots or spiders. Context it is used in include article marketing, autoresponder series, newsletters, blog posts and more. Because of the importance of PLR articles in order to help your website rank, it is also important to know how to rewrite PLR articles to retain the quality as well as save time.

Some people will use spinner types of software, but I prefer to just to place the article in a new notepad file and then do this manually. I can do a 300 to 450 word article in just a few minutes this way and then use it on my website or blog or as a traffic generation tool to submit to article directories. Sometimes I'll read the sentence aloud and then I can just write another version. This was a trick I learned taking jazz improvisation lessons as a teen.

When rewriting PLR articles, it's important you make the rewritten product unique . Remember that others have also bought this plr article pack. I try to buy packs that are only sold to thirty people or less. Probably at least half of the people won't do anything with it because people often prefer collecting information rather than acting. I'll usually use various phrases from a thesaurus but also change phrasing as well as add in anecdotal examples. For instance, if there was an article I bought on how to set up a blog, I might add in my own paragraph about how I was a bit scared initially that a blog would be too technical for me to understand. Though there aren't plagarism issues for articles that are private label since they were written to sell to people, don't forget that a buyer may have submitted them to their own blog or website as-is so then they will already be published on the internet. This means your own content may appear then as duplicate content. There is a lot of controversy about duplicate content and some say it doesn't even matter for your rankings in search engines, but I always prefer to have unique content.

When you do buy a plr package, I do check the internet with random sentences in quotes to see if it is on the internet. Sometimes people will actually swipe content illegally from big sites and then I will ask for my money back. You do not want to pay for something that was stolen and taken verbatim from another website as that is theft. After you re-write a few articles, it gets much faster. You learn how to elaborate points, tell stories, interject questions, add examples and this is much more than just replacing words with synomons. It makes the article unique and having an interesting flair that is your own.

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